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October 4, 5, 6 |  October 11, 12, 13 |  October 18, 19, 20

“Harvey” by Mary Chase is a charming and uplifting comedy about one of theater’s most lovable characters, Elwood P. Dowd, and his steadfast friendship with a six-foot-three-and-a-half-inches-tall, invisible white rabbit named Harvey. Elwood introduces Harvey to everyone he meets, which embarrases his social-climbing sister, Veta, who tries to have him committed to a sanitarium. A comedy of errors ensues, though, when Veta is accidentally committed instead.

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A Christmas Story

December 7, 8 |  December 12, 13, 14, 15

For the twelfth consecutive season, the popular holiday classic “A Christmas Story” portrays the riotous trials and travails of young Ralphie Parker on his quest for the one thing he wants for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB gun. His requests keep getting reproved with a “you’ll shoot your eye out” by his parents, teacher, and even Santa Claus so he’s not real sure he’s going to get it. On top of that, his skirmishes with his brother Randy and the school bully Scut Farkus leave him wondering if he’ll ever make it to Christmas at all. (Not included with the Season Ticket price.)

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As You Like It

As You Like It

February 7, 8, 9  |   February 14, 15, 16  |   February 21, 22, 23

“As You Like It”, by William Shakespeare, is a modern take on Shakespeare’s romantic comedy with Rosalind and Celia fleeing to the forest of Arden where Rosalind is disguised as a man for safety’s sake. When her true love, Orlando, shows up, she courts him without revealing her identity. Phebe falls in love with Rosalind’s disguise and Silvius pines for Phebe. Numerous characters fall in love along the way, further complicating the situation until Rosalind finally orchestrates a happy ending to the confusion.

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On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond

April 4, 5, 6  |   April 10, 11, 12, 13

“On Golden Pond”, by Ernest Thompson, is a touching and funny story about Ethel and Norman Thayer’s forty-eighth year at their summer home on Golden Pond. Norman is nearing eighty with heart and memory problems but is still tart-tongued and eager for life. Ethel, his perfect foil, is ten years younger and delights in all the small things that have enriched their long life together. The couple is visited by their divorced daughter and her fiancé, who then go off to Europe, leaving a teenage son behind for the summer.

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A Little Night Music

May 30, 31, June 1  |   June 6, 7, 8  |   June 13, 14, 15

“A Little Night Music,” with book by Hugh Wheeler and music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, is a sophisticated and enchanting romantic comedy set around the year 1900 in Sweden. It is an elegant musical that is soft on the ears and easy on the eyes filled with waltzes of past loves and lost worlds, and well know for the bittersweet and delicate resonances of the song “Send In the Clowns.” Amorous relationships tangle and untangle throughout abounding with wry and witty humor. When all of the players meet at the Armfeldt country estate, the stage is set for an emotionally charged weekend of veiled accusations and unexpected revelations.


Curiosity Cat

August 22, 2014 (7 PM)

When their mother becomes ill, Claire and Charlie are sent to stay with their Aunt Jenny until she recovers. A stray cat, named Curiosity, wanders into the house and breaks Clair’s prized music box. She puts him out to the street! Soon, the children set out to rescue Curiosity who is trying to help other forlorn felines find homes while simultaneously avoiding a newly appointed “Cat Catcher”.

Filled with memorable characters, the play builds to a funny and touching climax that will leave audiences laughing and cheering!.

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